I woke up this morning to a bathroom more disastrous than I’ve ever seen it. Clothes, shoes, packages of condoms, and a phone strewn everywhere. But that was nothing compared to the dried vomit. I mean, come on, you’re already in the bathroom, right next to the toilet, can’t you try to aim a little bit better? Or at least clean up your mess so that the rest of us can stand to go in there? Seriously.

Update: Apparently the culprit was found last night lying in the vomit with his pants down and one shoe in the toilet. This was, of course, before the drunken shower where all of the shampoo bottles were knocked over when he fell, splitting open his lip.

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One thought on “Seriously?

  1. […] I’m just thankful there wasn’t any vomit on the ground. […]

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