I’m a senior college student living in a seven bedroom house on the beach. Things get pretty crazy up in here — so much so that I had start a blog about it.

Here’s a List of House Members for Reference!

Crystal Rainee













Me (girlinthegarage)



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Crystal says:

    I have this blog bookmarked on my computer and I go to it at least 3 times a week in hopes that it is updated haha keep it coming!!

  2. I have been looking through some of your posts, love them! I’m a university student from England and I’m starting a year abroad at UCSB in September, so have been checking out blogs from it’s students! I have to say, the party life looks INCREDIBLE. My hopes are high, I hope Isla Vista lives up to my expectations 😛 Any words of wisdom for an incoming international student?

    • Thanks so much for reading! You’re going to love UCSB; Isla Vista is an incredibly fun place. My only words of wisdom would be to choose your house carefully. A good place to come home to with good friends can make all the difference. Living where the party is at provides endless entertainment…with an emphasis on endless! Be prepared to lose some sleep and learn to balance school and partying. Also, start preparing yourself for Halloween now. It’s a doozie. Hope to see you around town!

      • I have chosen to live with my buddy Giles from my home university, who’s on my course. We’re very good friends anyway, partners in crime as it were, so we decided sharing a room would be good- better the devil you know hey?! We’re living in Tropicana Del Norte… it came strongly recommended because it’s easier for us international students to get into those private business-type complexes, than the private property market (with a landlord, random housemates etc etc). Have you heard much about it? The thing I’m NOT looking forward to is the drinking age limit… bear in mind ours is 18, AND that obviously means you start earlier (curiosity etc), at like 15. Going from that to being refused alcohol… don’t know how I’ll cope 😛 I guess there’s ways round that though… any suggestions? I will plan ahead for Halloween, I know you guys make a big deal of it. Not so much this side of the Pond, I have to admit. I think I come in as a Junior, (I’m 20)- whats the workload like? The balancing act will be important, but being somewhere as cool as Isla Vista is going to make it a difficult act I reckon!

      • I have heard quite a bit about Tropicana. It’s a nice private dorm usually full of freshman, which can be annoying sometimes haha. It’s not super close to the party street, but nothing is really far in the square mile that is Isla Vista. I can see why it would be a good choice for international students though. Adjusting to the drinking age may seem difficult, but the reality is that nearly every party will have copious amounts of alcohol left unattended for the taking. The workload is pretty dependent on what you’re studying. What’s your major/what classes will you be taking this Fall quarter?

  3. What’s wrong with Freshman haha?! See, I haven’t a clue about what age each year is, so I can only assume you mean they’re younger?! Well, I suppose the distance thing won’t be a problem. The taxi ride home from a night out where I live in England can be £40 ($65 ish), so I’ll be grateful to be able to walk home haha! Got to love countryside living :/ What is the party street called? That sounds pretty sweet. I don’t really major in anything, as I’m an American Studies student, so as far as my uni and UCSB are concerned, as long as I stick to North American and Latin American modules (classes, sorry) + Spanish language, all’s fine with them. So I think I’m down as a history major, but I’m taking American Literature 1900-present, an American South history module (got a soft spot for all things Southern, spent a summer in Texas a couple of years ago), a Public History class, and Intermediate Spanish Level 4. But I may swap and change that at the start of the year, that’s how you guys work it right? I have a bad feeling you’re going to tell em the workload will be heavy right? Sure it’ll be fine. What do you major in, and what will you be studying next year?

    • Freshman are the youngest, so they can get kind of annoying haha. But I actually heard Tropicana Del Norte doesn’t have too many underclassmen after all. Del Playa (DP) is the party street and it’s the closest to the ocean — you can’t miss it. History majors mostly just have a lot of papers and reading, less big tests, which is easier in my opinion, even though it seems like more daily work. I majored in Cultural Anthropology, but I just graduated so I’m working on what to do next haha.

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