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Before we begin, I need to set the stage a little bit. Please note, however, that in order to protect their identities, the names of all parties involved have been changed.

I live in seven bedroom, three bathroom house across the street from the ocean, in a popular college town. This college town is so popular, that it’s considered one of the most densely populated square miles in the United States…or so I’ve heard. This house is a typical college house, except for the fact that there are twelve – fourteen of us living in it (the number varies). You can regularly catch me telling people that a reality tv show of this house would be more exciting than an episode of Jersey Shore, but since MTV is not exactly easy to get a hold of, a blog about some of the ridiculous-ness I experience daily will have to do.

Anyways, let me introduce you to my house. I live downstairs, in the garage, otherwise known as the “Blue Door Lounge”. Let me tell you that this isn’t some comfy, cozy, converted garage, but rather your average, cement floored, non-insulated, giant manual car door garage. Fun stuff. I can hear everything from down here, sound from both the rest of the house and outside.

You’ll meet everyone along the way…hopefully this quarter is as interesting as the last!

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