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My bathroom makes me miss the dirty streets of Vegas.

That’s how bad it is. Most people ended up going home this last weekend for mother’s day, but somehow, things still got trashed.

When I walked into the downstairs bathroom in the morning, I discovered bloody saliva and remnants of vomit on the toilet seat. Blood was smeared on the light switch, the counters, and the mirror. There was even a bloody cup next to the sink. I’m not sure what happened here, but it looked like some sort of drunken party injury gone wild — all over the bathroom.

The sliding frosted glass shower doors are still absent from their place on the shower and lay instead against the wall. These were pulled down by someone weeks ago, but have proven difficult to be fixed. Due to this, water from the shower is all over the ground. There are puddles in the middle of the floor, some with leaves floating in them, for who knows what reason. We no longer have any bath rugs either, so each shower only brings more risk of water damage and mold. The shower itself is no safe haven either. The tub has been covered in beach tar for weeks now, with no sign of the person who caused it cleaning it up.

I’m just thankful there wasn’t any vomit on the ground.

But seriously, it’s times like these where I miss the dirty streets of Vegas, not that I need another excuse to miss Las Vegas.

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All Out of Power.

Since the power was out most of the day today, my lunch break entertainment consisted of listening to Renae and Travis yelling at each other — fighting again about Travis’ relentless party hosting. It was quite the passionate¬†argument.

Thankfully, the power came back on a few minutes ago. We were all under the assumption that our main circuit breaker was completely blown and needed an electrician’s attention, but it turns out it just needed some maneuvering.

Today is also the day that all mandatory chores on the chore chart are supposed to be completed, so I thought I’d share a picture of our kitchen floor at the moment…it’s pretty disgusting. See for yourself. Who’s on mop duty? That’s right, Travis.

Our kitchen floor after the weekend.

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