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Steep Competition…

So last night I received word that another blog about this house was created — written by Ethan, Wesley, and Travis.

Wesley and Ethan came down to the garage to announce that I had some competition. Ethan tried to persuade me that their blog would have a more honest (perhaps more shit-talking) perspective.

Thanks to Ethan for the video of Travis and the neighbor, Dane, dancing like nobody’s watching on the mansquare.

And just in case you couldn’t quite picture Travis playing snappa in a speedo, as discussed a couple of posts ago, here’s a visual for you. Thanks to Travis for posting it!

Bring it on! (The competition that is…)

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Eerie nights and odd sights.

It seems like whenever we wander the streets at night, we see the weirdest things. Proving that it’s not just our house that’s a little crazy in this town.

Last night there were far too many fire trucks and ambulances on the streets. It seemed like everywhere we looked, someone was being rushed away to the hospital. There were crowds of onlookers and unruly drunks clamoring for an all too sobering view. There were too many creepy men, cat-calling and commenting from their safe balconies and lawns where they had perched themselves.

I also so my ex last night. Out of all of the frightening and bizarre things I saw last night — men in pirate hats, girls offering housemates heroin, a roadblock of chairs and vodka in the street in front of our house, and the inner workings of one of the most ridiculous fraternities in town, seeing him probably shook me the most.

The last time we had this bizarre of a night out was the night a couch was burned near our house.


Not only was it too close to the nearby cars, but a guy in a huge, lifted truck proceeded to run over the flaming couch multiple times. We saw him a few times later that night, one of which included a high five as he drove past us. We saw him again at 2 am while we were eating nachos at the best and most expensive late night Mexican food place around. It was there we met a guy who knew my name that I had never seen before. As well as a girl who was too drunk to stand that had been at our house several times.

Last night wasn’t just bizarre, it was a little scary. As we made our way home, the sight of a destroyed wooden dresser on the driveway almost seemed comforting in comparison to all we’d seen.

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